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  The counselling service is run by SNACS and supports parents and carers of children with Special Needs who live in West Berkshire. SNACS is a free counselling service based in West Berkshire.  
  Counselling gives people a chance to talk privately about worries or problems that affect their lives. This often helps people to think of better ways of coping. We are a counselling service specifically set up to support parents and carers who have a child/ren with special needs and disabilities.  

Anyone can find it difficult to cope at some point. We all have times in our lives when we feel overwhelmed. Many people who have had counselling at such times have found it really helpful.

  There are a number of children’s centres in West Berkshire and the intention is to make sure that you see your counsellor as close to your home as possible. There will be times when you will go to the counsellors place of work and they will also be close to your home. Counselling will be arranged to suit you and your families needs, we may be able to offer a sitting service if you are having trouble finding someone to care for your child.  
  You can contact SNACS by telephoning 0788 162 6837 and make a referral over the phone. Your call will then be “booked” in for a consultation with a counsellor and help you decide what sort of counselling you need.
Sometimes another professional eg your Doctor; Health Visitor or your child’s teacher, may have talked to you about the help SNACS can offer. You may have agreed with them that they will make a referral on your behalf but we will always encourage you to do this.

When you see your counsellor for the first time you and your counsellor will agree how many sessions you will have and when these will be.

  The service is confidential. This is discussed with you during the first session. If the counsellor has concerns about your well being they will discuss this with you and decide with you the best way to support and help you.
If there are concerns about your child’s safety this will be discussed with you and with Children’s Services.


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